What Quin is doing to play their part in curbing biodiversity loss?

What Quin is doing to play their part in curbing biodiversity loss?

Each and everyone of us have a role to play in ending biodiversity loss and preserving nature for this generation and all generations to come. As individuals we must re-think what we buy and use; to become conscious consumers. Businesses also have a key role to play in curbing biodiversity loss and preserving natural resources, as they rely on their host environments and ecosystems for inputs into production and manufacturing processes. In this article, we are going to highlight what Quin is doing to play their part in curbing biodiversity loss, and ensuring our adhesives are as environmentally friendly as possible.


All our aerosols and canisters have a unique technology which means not one single drop of adhesive is missed. This means more product for you the customer to use. With no wasted product, this ensures no waste is released into the environment after the adhesive has been used. We would always recommend following our guidelines below when it comes to recycling our canisters and aerosols.

Recycled Packaging

To reduce our impact on the environment we also package our products in completely recyclable materials. Our 500ml aerosol is easily recycled by storing with other empty aerosols, segregated from your other waste, and arranging for collection from your local waste recycling company.

Our 22 litre canister can also be recycled by following the simple steps below:

Low VOC Adhesives

At Quin we also have a range of low VOC adhesives, these are developed to pose the lowest possible hazards to your health.
As part of our low VOC range TensorGrip L22 is our lowest VOC adhesive and is also California Compliant. It is one of the lowest VOC products currently available in the spray adhesive market with a maximum of 299g/l. Therefore, L22 makes an excellent adhesive if you are looking for high performing lower VOC product.

Into the Future

At Quin, we understand the impact businesses can have on the environment and will continue to play our part in curbing biodiversity loss. We are always innovating here at Quin and looking for new environmentally friendly ways to produce adhesives that work. As you can see from above, we have already implemented numerous environmentally friendly schemes and will continue to monitor these to ensure we play our part in guaranteeing we all have a healthy environment to look forward to in the future.
If you are interested in finding out more about our low VOC adhesives please get in touch with our sales team for further information.

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