Walther Strong and Company Ltd appointed as Distributor for Quin Global UK

Walther Strong and Company Ltd appointed as the sole distributor for Quin Global UK for their Construction Adhesives for the UK.

Quin is delighted to announce Walther Strong has been appointed as the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland for our TensorGrip Construction range of spray adhesives.

Walther Strong will be the sole supplier of TensorGrip construction range products to the construction / modular market. The construction range of products is specifically designed for production line applications, meaning faster curing and more products produced.

Gregg Rhodes, Sales Manager at Quin Global, said "Quin Global is delighted to have signed a formal agreement with Walther Strong, appointing them as the sole distributor for our construction range of products in the UK. Through the knowledge of the team at Walther Strong, there is no better partner to assist the end-users in finding solutions to everyday production issues. Quin Global and Walther strong are currently revolutionising the way the construction industry is using adhesives; increasing production flow and our customers' bottom line. This partnership means drawing from a wealth of experience and resource to deliver just what this emerging market needs. "

The Partnership

This relationship is beneficial to both companies, as Walther Strong is provided with high-end products and in-depth training. Quin also works with their partners to develop innovative products on solutions for their customers. Quin supports Walther Strong across the UK and Ireland and is working closely with their sales reps.

The Walther Strong Team said "We are excited in developing our relationship with Quin Global UK. We are very pleased with the relationship we have so far with Quin and look forward to it growing over the coming years."

More on Walther Strong

With a lengthy background in specialist adhesives, Walther Strong focus on making a difference and solving problems. Following extensive research with professional users, their products are developed to address the most annoying and expensive issues faced by manufacturers of modular housing. Their products include specialist reinforcement tapes, specialist adhesives, no residue tapes, easy tear tapes, straight tear tapes, clean removal tapes, repositionable tapes and liquid masking products. Walther Strong products are available through their network of construction partners and many more covering UK, USA, NZ, Netherlands, Poland and Canada.

Where to buy

Walther Strong will be stocking the full range of Construction Adhesives. Insulation adhesives are also included, which can hold foam, fibreglass or rubber to cover square footage in no time.

TensorGrip Construction adhesives are now available to buy from Walther Strong stockists for more information; please contact them on the details below:
Contact details for Walther Strong 

Tel: 01780 437222

Email: enquiries@waltherstrongandco.com

More on Quin Global UK

Quin understands the importance of creating a solid reputation in the construction industry. This is why they have developed some of the finest building adhesives on the market. Designed to help you create bonds that last a lifetime, they offer innovative glueing solutions for the most demanding of applications. If you are interested in finding out more about their products, have a look at their website or follow them on their social media channels. They also have a very comprehensive list of videos on their YouTube channel, which are also worth a watch.

For further information regarding the TensorGrip Construction products, please see links below.

TensorGrip - C09 - Polyurethane Foam Bead Adhesive
TensorGrip® C09 is an exemplary single-part, moisture-cure urethane foam adhesive specially purposed for bonding insulation like ISO boards to a wide range of substrates

TensorGrip - C10 - Polyurethane Foam Adhesive
TensorGrip® C10 is a polyurethane foam adhesive you can trust, a single-part moisture-cure urethane foam adhesive designed for bonding insulation like ISO boards to a variety of substrates

TensorGrip - C11 - Performance Panel Adhesive
For an extra high performance and panel bonding adhesive explicitly formulated to bond insulated panel materials to GRP and plywood (as well as EPS and polystyrene), the TensorGrip® C11 is your best bet. This fast-drying formula has fantastic high coverage designed for bonding exterior grade substrates to insulated foam. Even better, this formula has excellent resistance when dealing with moisture and extreme weather exposure.


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