T.G. Meblopol Sp. Z o.o. appointed as Distributor for Quin Global UK

T.G. Meblopol Sp. Z o.o. is appointed as the sole official distributor for Quin Global UK Joinery Adhesives in Poland.

Meblopol will be the sole official supplier of the TensorGrip joinery range of products to the joinery market in Poland. This range of spray adhesives covers a wide range of applications from our general-purpose L40 to our specialist products that are IMO certified and fire resistance such as L17 and LP61. The TensorGrip Joinery range has a number of different products, each suited to different applications. These include laminating, board to board build-ups, Flexi ply/MDF bonding for curved structures, solid surface, backed veneers, aluminium & single-sided bonding, acrylics, vinyl and many other products.


Accreditations and certification are essential to the joinery industry, and Quin is proud to showcase their increased product offering that features IMO Wheel Mark certification.

The Partnership

Based in the UK, the Netherlands, USA and Australia, Quin Global are a world-class team of passionate people who provide innovative adhesive solutions with exceptional customer experience. Quin Global's TensorGrip® brand has been strong in Poland and Eastern Europe for several years, and our partnership with Meblopol looks to enhance the customer experience in the region further. By providing industry-leading products and service from 30 locations while offering full manufacturing support to both Meblopol and their customers, it is our goal to deliver new and innovative methods of enhancing workflow and output to the Polish manufacturing industry.

Where to buy

Meblopol will be stocking the range of Joinery Spray Adhesives and are available to purchase from Meblopol branches for more information; please contact them on the details below.

Tel – 61 64 77 122
Email – info@meblopol.pl

More on Quin Global UK

Quin understands the importance of creating a solid reputation in the joinery industry. This is why they have developed some of the finest joinery adhesives on the market. Designed to help you create bonds that last a lifetime, they offer innovative bonding solutions for the most demanding of applications. If you are interested in finding out more about their products, have a look at their website or follow them on their social media channels. They also have a very comprehensive list of videos on their YouTube channel, which are also worth a watch.

Further Information

For further information on Quin Global UK, please go to their website or follow them on their social channels below.


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