Customer World Cup

With the Fifa World Cup just a few weeks away we are delighted to announce our Customer World Cup Competition. We wanted to give our customers the opportunity to win free canisters and aerosols as part of one of the most prestigious association football tournament in the world.

So how can they win?   

  • We asked them to give themselves a team name
  • This will then be added into a live draw to allocate a country to them
  • This team will then be their team throughout the World Cup
  • At the end of the World Cup we will count up how many goals your team have scored
  • You will then receive the amount of canisters/aerosols they have won.

To keep an eye on the results, each week we will update the goal table on our social channels so everyone can keep track of their teams and see how many canisters/aerosols they are winning. 

To see our terms and conditions please click here

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