Behind The Scenes: Quin Global UK manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing Quin Global UK, which is a family business, take great pride in our work. However, there is a great deal more to creating our adhesives than what you may think. Today we are going to look into how we go from the raw materials to the customers getting the completed spray adhesive canister.

Why do we manufacture?

How did we get into the manufacturing business, to begin with? It all started 23 years ago when Allister Fowler, the Managing Director, started his own business supplying adhesives to the joinery industry. This continued for the next 15 years until they commenced manufacturing.

Allister explains why he got into adhesive manufacturing 'We started manufacturing because we saw an opportunity to create a leading global brand of canisterised spray adhesive for our international and global customers, who needed a consistent and timely supply of the same product globally.'

So, from humble beginnings, the family have built a successful business with a new manufacturing plant in progress and a wide range of adhesives been sold around the world.

The how – details of how the process works

Let's get down to basics when it comes to creating anything you need the raw materials. When we receive the raw materials, we inspect and test the materials and components thoroughly to guarantee they meet specification before been passed to production. This will then get manufactured into the final product. So how does the process at Quin work that ensures our customers get finished goods that work effectively?

Once the order has come in, our Materials Manager will check that we have all the raw materials required to complete the job. These orders will then be put into a production schedule.

Our state-of-the-art automated filling system is designed to deliver accuracy at every stage of the production process. In-depth data tracking and analysis allow all our raw materials and finished goods to be fully tracked to ensure a real-time flow of critical processing data. Our operational personnel are all involved in Six Sigma and 5s disciplines of lean.

Before production, the Production team will check our internal quality control database. This ensures that all materials due to being used in production have passed our stringent quality checks.

Once this has happened our empty, unlabelled canisters will be delivered to the production line in preparation to be filled.

The line operator will then start the job on the automated system, which details and controls the entire production process. This maintains 100% control of the inputs which guarantees the finest quality of the product.

Our Maintenance team runs an inspection and service schedule for our equipment, incorporating regular in-house checks and external specialist contractors. This makes sure our production lines can always operate at capacity

So once the product has been produced, what happens next?

Once the product has been made, it doesn't immediately go out to our customers. We want to ensure our product gets to you in perfect working order. Therefore, we sample finished products coming off the production line, carrying out various checks and tests to confirm the product meets specification.

Our Purchasing team monitors the performance and service levels of our suppliers and their products, carrying out site inspections on key companies. This, in turn, feeds into our quality control inspection levels.

Once this process has been completed, the products are palletised. They are then automatically wrapped to protect the consignment before being transported to the warehouse. The goods are then shipped out via our approved freight forwarders to be delivered within the stated lead time.

Our Brands 

Quin Global manufacture for three different markets. Roofing, flooring & Industrial.
We are also delighted to announce we have recently acquired the flooring brand Gekko. Gekko flooring adhesives are a range of expertly engineered adhesives for bonding floor and wall coverings including carpets, carpet tiles, underlay, LVT, CVT and vinyl.

The Gekko flooring adhesives range has the product solution for almost every flooring need. This range enables users to apply the high-performance adhesives without getting down on their knees, making the application faster, cleaner and safer.

Customer support

Our duty of care doesn't end when you receive the product either. We offer individualised customer support in a range of contact methods so you can speak to us in whatever way is most convenient.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to adhesives, we pride ourselves on giving you not just an adhesive but an entire package of support. We look at the customer experience and work with our customers every step of the way, to ensure they receive the right support and technical knowledge they require.

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